Boglioli, deconstructing the jacket

Boglioli fall/winter 2012-13
Boglioli fall/winter 2012-13

A deconstructed jacket is a staple in the men’s wardrobe, ideal for many occasions because it can be dressed up or down. It looks good with everything, and it’s supremely comfortable.

The garment reaches its highest level of sophistication in products by Boglioli, famous above all for their K-jacket, which received screen consacration when it was worn by Simon Baker in The Devil Wears Prada. The K-jacket is made from vintage look cashmere with délavé colour. A micro-worn look contributes to the garment’s signature mellowness. Something that is appreciated by many: the brand’s enthusiasts include Bill Clinton, the Rolling Stones, and the team Ajax Amsterdam whose sports garments are by Boglioli.

Crafts expertise, design sophistication
The operatives at Boglioli inherit decades of crafts expertise, and this shines forth from the unmistakable style of every garment that leaves the factory. The design team’s work enhances and builds on these skills, creating a look that is always refined and sophisticated. Boglioli collections cover a range that goes much further than the iconic K-jacket. All the fundamental components of men’s looks are produced, along with a women’s line. The Boglioli style is very different from seasonal trends, and this adds to its recognizability. To describe it, you have to start with its refined, lived-in look, along with the impeccable tailoring. To use an expression coined by the New York Times, their deconstructed jackets express Luxury Vintage.

Boglioli deconstructed jackets
Boglioli deconstructed jackets

The textiles themselves are fundamental, comprising finest-quality yarns such as linen, silk and cashmere. The colours used are superb, coolly dark even when in uptone hues such as red, blue and violet. Layers create contrasts of hue and texture, from the outerwear – K-jacket, Dover jacket, or Coat jacket – down to chunky cardigan, poplin shirt, and flannel trousers. The impression is one of country gentlemen who have turned streetwise. It’s a great look that will ensure that you stand out on all occasions as a result of its crossover construction.

Family pride
Boglioli’s origins run back to the early 1900s, but it was in the 1970s that it moved away from contract work for other brands, expanding into international trading under the leadership of chairman Mario Boglioli. The company is run by Mario with his brothers Pier Luigi and Stefano, operating from Gambara, near Brescia, in Italy. The enduring and constant popularity of the K-jacket and its other products have enabled it to weather the international crisis very well, with current turnover at about €30 million, and one of the highest profit margins in Italy’s fashion sector.

We recommend a visit to Boglioli’s showroom in Milan, with a refreshingly different approach to fashion, based on transparency. Inside, the materials and colours reinforce the brand’s image, making for a pleasurable experience. Which is exactly what you feel when you wear Boglioli.

Milan boutique:

Boglioli, Via Pierlombardo 30, Milan

Tel. +39 02 5456 387
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Image courtesy of Boglioli
Image courtesy of Boglioli
Image courtesy of Boglioli

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